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Dear Sales Professional,

Thank you for ordering your copy of ¬†‘Write a Killer Sales Resume’, you have made a wise choice, and one that will support your present and future career¬†endeavors.

Please check your email in the next few minutes for a message from my fulfillment company. The email contains download instructions to access your copy of the eBook. Please be sure to download and save it to your computer at the earliest opportunity.

When you have downloaded your ebook you need to ‘put it into action’. Here is my recommendation for getting the most of the this information:

First find yourself a quite and comfortable place and sit down with a cup of your favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage. When comfortable take 10 – 15 to scan through the material to get familiar with it’s layout and contents. Then read it thoroughly – perhaps taking notes as you go. If you have printed off a copy of the book, you might want to make notes on the paper with color pens, highlighting areas that you feel will be most useful . Then after a half hour rest you can start work on your masterpiece.

Spend time producing your ‘generic resume’. This is not the resume that you’ll submit for job applications, rather it is a very comprehensive document that captures all of the information that you can later choose from and edit when you come to create your subsequent ‘Targeted Sales Resumes’ – these are the Sales Resumes that you’ll be submitting for those juicy Sales Jobs! Sound complicated? It’s not, trust me. But it works very well and it’ll set you above all your competition.

If you have any questions along the way, then I may be contacted via the Contacts Page.

To your success,

Chris Beaumont

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