Additional resources


These sites listed have a good selection of sales jobs. (Generic job search engine, good for sales)


Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Sales

IT Sales


If you can answer these questions then you should be ok:

I should hope that after reading this eBook you won’t need either of these products; but just in case you’re feeling idle…


If having read this book you feel that you don’t have the time or the inclination then you could always outsource the task to a 3rd party. If you do, then make sure that you check their work first – ask to see examples of their work, and be sure that they use the methodology and techniques that I describe in the book.

Two website where you’ll have huge amounts of resume writers to choose from are and Both have freelancers and companies who register their skills and services that they outsource to people like you and me. You just need to create a ‘free’ account then post your project (to write your sales resume) under the appropriate section.

Also, since all of the freelancers and companies listed will have provided their personal profile and portfolio of projects (e.g. resumes), you can peruse them at your leisure, find and then list them and then invite them to take up your particular resume project.

It may sound a bit complicated but it’s a cinch. Just takes a few minutes to register and then 10 minutes to post your project.

Remember – before you award your resume writing task to anyone, do make sure to look at their resume examples. If they are no good then don’t use them. In summary look for quality – someone who uses the techniques that I have described in my book. Do not award your resume to someone based on cost alone!

Here they are again: and

Also if you do a search on your favorite search engine you will find hundreds of companies offering their services. The same guidelines apply as using Guru and Elance.


There are a few out there. The one that I have come across a few times that’s been recommended to me (I am not endorsing it, just repeating what I’ve heard) is called ‘Amazing Resume Creator‘. Naturally it is not specific to sales, but there is no reason why you can’t overlay our magic as you go.

Note that it will set you back just under 40 bucks, but it’s easy to use and takes a lot of the hard work out of the resume writing. Simply download to your computer and away you go. Check it out here: Amazing Resume Creator

If you use any of the services or software listed above then please let me have any feedback on how they performed – positive or negative – so that I can consider for future editions. Likewise, if you have any other service or product suggestions then do let me know please.