How to Write a Killer Sales Resume – A Modern Blueprint For Success!

Dear Sales Professional

How to Write a Killer Sales Resume is a book with one purpose only – and that is to show the reader how to prepare an Interview Grade Sales Resume in just a few hours! A sales resume that will get sales interviews!

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Suitable across all Sales roles – Sales and Marketing, Inside Sales, Pharmaceutical Sales, Medical Sales, Car Sales etc, this resume book is the modern blueprint for creating the ultimate sales resume that is proven to take you into your next important sales role.

Written for both the experienced Sales Executive as well as the Non-Executive Sales Professional, if you follow this simple step-by-step formula then you’ll have a sales resume that will put you light years ahead of your competition and will land you sales interviews!

With over 20 years in the field experience, the author Chris Beaumont contends that it is predominantly the quality of the sales resumes that separates the candidates: excellent from good and good from mediocre.Put another way:

It is the quality of the sales resume and NOT the quality of the candidate that leads to an interview. You may be struggling to get sales interviews, but that is a reflection of your resume and not you!

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Your Sales Resume Must Market YOU

Success in business is largely about marketing! That’s to say, that a product, service or person properly marketed (properly pre-sold) will be 1,000x more successful than one that is poorly marketed.

Your resume is your marketing tool that will pre-sell you to your future employer...and will get you an interview!

Sure you may have a lot of great attributes for a vacancy:

  • experience,
  • qualifications,
  • market knowledge,
  • etc, etc.

… but if you cannot properly convey that in a way that resonates with an employer, then you can be easily beaten to the punch by a less capable candidate with a slightly better resume. How frustrating is that?

In fact you may be the best possible candidate for a vacancy, or you may be a mediocre candidate for a vacancy, it does not matter – this book will show you how to enhance your credentials and optimize your sales resume so that you fully maximize your chances of getting an interview for your dream job!

In fact using the techniques and tactics described, a mediocre candidate can appear a far superior fit for a vacancy than a better qualified candidate that’s not using these techniques!”

Target the Sales Job and Get the Interview

Hard to believe, but most Sales Resumes that get sent out do not target the vacancy. Most resumes are dull and generic that simply contain a dump of information, but they target nothing – and guess what: “if you aim at nothing, then that’s what you hit”.

Without question, one factor that differentiates resumes is the level of targeting that they incorporate. So you will learn how to tweak your sales resume so that it “fits to the vacancy” and it “speaks to the reviewer”.

Guess What – We’re ALL in Sales…

Yes this is written from a Sales perspective (if you can’t sell yourself, can you really sell my products & services??). But ALL resumes are all about Sales – whatever your disciple, background or aspirations, your resume is there to SELL YOU into a job! As such ANYONE who wants a great, sizzling & effective resume can benefit from the insights here!

For more information and to purchase select your preferred format:

Paperback ($14.95)
Immediate Download pdf ($9.95)

Kindle ($3.49)


So this is what you get:

  • Differentiate Yourself from all the other Sales candidates (and get to the top of the list).
  • Demonstrate the $Dollar Value that you will bring to the role.
  • Tactics to focus your Resume with Laser Precision for any vacancy that you apply for.
  • 17 Methods for making your Resume punchy, credible, and convincing.
  • The Secret to creating striking, powerful, and hypnotic Resume headlines & objectives
  • How to borrow credibility… to Enhance Your Credibility
  • So you spent six months lounging on a beach in Thailand, who needs to know? How to hide gaps in your Resume
  • How to prepare a killer sales resume cover letter that Guarantees that you’ll resume will get read
  • Resume examples and samples to guide and inspire you

And much more!

In just a few hours from now you’ll be creating an Award Winning Sales Resume that’s PROVEN and GUARANTEED to get Sales Interviews!

You DON’T NEED… years of relevant experience!

You DON’T NEED… a fantastic sales record!

You DON’T NEED… tons of qualifications!

You DON’T NEED… to be better than everyone else!

You Just Need to Follow the Guidelines in this Book!

Testimonials From Real Customers…

Please take just a few moments to read the testimonials from past customers to the right hand side (Amazon verified purchases – click on the names / links to check for yourself).

These are ordinary people – people like you who have already purchased this book, have put the advice into action and have reaped results! Our favorite one is from S. Fernandes who says this (edited)

“Whoa… what an interesting book! It completely turned my head about what a sales resume is for and more importantly how to use it as a selling machine – to sell me!

Well I have already been invited for 2 sales interviews, one of them with a rival company to my current employer but with much better package.”

S. Fernandes

There is absolutely no reason that you cannot be leaving similar testimonials in a few weeks from now. You just have to take the first step…

Purchase ‘How to Write a Killer Sales Resume’ by selecting your preferred format and clicking on the link:

Paperback ($14.95)
Immediate Download pdf ($9.95)

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Don’t get left behind, don’t let those opportunities pass you by. As Wayne Gretzky said:

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

In Other Words Take Action!

To your success!

Chris Beaumont, Author of ‘How to Write a Killer Sales Resume’

Paperback ($14.95)
Immediate Download pdf ($9.95)

Kindle ($3.49)



Chris Beaumont is a pen name used for privacy reasons.